Dubai to Dhaka Flight Ticket Price 2023

Traveling to Bangladesh from various countries is becoming increasingly convenient. The number of flights operating at Dhaka airport is on the rise, leading to a growing interest in the flight rates from Dubai to Dhaka or Dubai to Bangladesh. The only government Airlines named ‘Biman Bangladesh Airlines’, along with several international airlines, now offer regular flights to Dhaka from different parts of the world. The demand for air travel between Dhaka and Middle Eastern countries is particularly high due to the significant number of Bangladeshi expatriates residing in these regions.

Additionally, there is a substantial demand for air tickets to these destinations for both travel and business/work purposes. Among the popular routes, the Dubai to Dhaka route stands out, consistently experiencing high demand for flight tickets. In this article, we will provide information on the airlines operating flights from Dubai to Dhaka and discuss the plane fares for this route.

When planning a trip by air, it is crucial to know the airfare for your intended destination. Given Dubai’s popularity as a travel hub, understanding the plane fare for the Dubai to Dhaka route is important. If you are interested in learning about the ticket prices from Dubai to Dhaka, continue reading our article. We aim to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the fare details for the Dubai route.

Airlines operating flights from Dubai to Dhaka

Due to Dubai’s popularity as a destination, there are numerous airlines that regularly operate flights from Dubai to Dhaka. These airlines encompass both domestic and international carriers, offering a variety of flight options at different intervals. Among the domestic airlines, Biman Bangladesh Airlines, and one of the top private airlines of Bangladesh, US Bangla, operate regular flights from Dubai International Airport. Additionally, there are many options available from different international airlines. Some examples include Etihad Airways, Indigo Air, Jazeera Airways, SalamAir, Sri Lankan Airlines, Gulf Air, Flydubai, Vistara, Emirates, Oman Air, Saudi Arabian Airlines, Kuwait Airways, Qatar Airways, Turkish Airways, and more. These airlines typically provide their services by offering connecting flights with layovers at various stops. However, there are also direct flights available in some airlines from Dubai to Dhaka.

Flight patterns and timings from Dubai to Dhaka

The airfares for flights from Dubai to Dhaka are primarily determined by the level of demand and the type of flight chosen like any other airlines. Different airlines offer various ticket classes, including Business class, which is the most premium and consequently carries a higher price tag. Additionally, ticket prices may vary depending on the stopover and services provided. For travelers seeking direct flights to Dhaka, there are two domestic airlines, Biman Bangladesh Airlines and US Bangla, offering this service. However, some international airlines such as Flydubai and Emirates also operate direct flights to Dhaka. The duration of a direct flight from Dubai to Dhaka typically ranges from 4 hours and 35 minutes to 5 hours. The flight duration for other flights with layovers may vary to some extent based on the specific stopover locations.

Dubai to Dhaka ticket price for flights

Air fares from Dubai to Dhaka vary across different categories. The ticket prices start from 14,000 taka and can go up to over 1 lakh. The available facilities and services correspond to the ticket category, providing passengers with the opportunity to choose tickets based on their preferences and budget for this route.

Indigo Airlines offers the lowest fare from Dubai to Dhaka starting from Tk 14,274. There are various flight tickets available up to 24,000 taka. However, these flights usually involve a layover in India, which can result in a travel duration ranging from 12 to 26 hours. Therefore, it is advisable to carefully check and consider the flight details before purchasing the ticket.

Etihad Airways provides tickets for approximately Tk 16,000, with a layover at Abu Dhabi. The flight durations for these flights can range from 9 hours to over 1 day. Additionally, Sri Lankan Airlines offers tickets around 17,000 rupees, with a layover in Colombo. The duration of this flight is typically over 10 hours.

The domestic airline US Bangla offers direct flight tickets starting from Tk 18,500, allowing you to reach Dhaka in just 5 hours. Alternatively, you can opt for a non-stop ticket with Flydubai starting from Tk 21,000. For a budget of around Tk 25,000, Emirates provides excellent benefits, including a direct flight with a travel time of just 4 hours and 35 minutes. Emirates offers tickets ranging from Tk 25,000 to Tk 500,000 and operates multiple regular direct flights.

Tickets from Gulf Air, Oman Air, and Vistara Airlines fall within the range of Tk 20,000 to Tk 25,000, but these flights are not direct and can take anywhere from 7 to 26 hours.

Biman Bangladesh Airlines offers direct flight services at a cost of Tk 30,000, allowing you to reach Dhaka in just 4 hours and 55 minutes. They also have tickets available up to Tk 60,000.

Dubai to Dhaka Plane Ticket Price

Airlines such as Kuwait Airways and Qatar Airways provide tickets priced above Tk 35,000, offering modern facilities and comfort. These flights are not direct and they provide a longer flight time.

Turkish Airlines offers tickets starting from Tk 51,000, with a stopover in Istanbul before reaching Dhaka. Kuwait Airways and Qatar Airways also offer tickets at similar prices, ensuring a comfortable journey.

For premium category tickets, Emirates Airlines is the choice, with prices above Tk 100,000. These tickets can provide direct flights or flights with one or more stopovers. Etihad Airways also offers premium tickets starting from Tk 200,000. Other airlines such as Singapore Airlines and Saudi Airlines offer tickets at higher prices.

In summary, there are various types of plane fares available from Dubai to Dhaka, allowing you to choose according to your needs and preferences. Traveling on this route has become easier as multiple domestic and international airlines operate direct flights. However, if you seek the lowest price, you may need to opt for a stopover flight instead of a direct one. The fares on this route vary, but there are options available for both affordable and comfortable travel experiences. You can choose the flight that suits your preferences on this busy route.

Additionally, it’s important to note that air fares for the Dubai to Dhaka route are subject to regular changes. The fares mentioned above may increase or decrease at any given time. Therefore, it is crucial to check the current and accurate fares online before making travel arrangements. However, this post should provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the fare range for the Dubai to Dhaka route.

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