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Ramadan is considered as a sacred month for Muslims, who observe it by fasting for a prolonged period. The key practices during this month are consuming Sehri before sunrise and breaking the fast at the right time in the evening. These practices hold great significance and must be carried out accurately. Sehri should be consumed sometime before the fazar prayer time starts, and iftar should be commenced after sunset.

However, the timing of sunrise and sunset varies in different regions of the world, which implies that the exact timing of Sehri and Iftar changes accordingly. Therefore, it is crucial for the fasting person to be aware of the correct timings to observe the fast efficiently.

The act of breaking the fast, Iftar, is considered to be highly rewarding and holds various blessings. It is also essential to be mindful of the proper eating habits during iftar, including the type of food consumed. In this post, you will find the exact Iftar time of Ramadan 2024 for each day, along with a discussion on the virtues, significance, and ideal food choices for Iftar. Follow this post for today iftar time Dhaka and today iftar time.

Why is it important to maintain the correct time and manner of Iftar?

Iftar, the meal that breaks the fast during Ramadan, brings a sense of joy and relief after a long day of fasting. The act of breaking the fast at the right time and in the right way is considered a significant form of worship to gain the pleasure of Allah. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, “There are two moments of happiness for the fasting person: one when he breaks his fast and the other when he meets his Lord.” (Muslim) This highlights the importance of Iftar not only as a means to satisfy hunger but also as an act of worship to attain Allah’s blessings.

The time of Iftar is also considered sacred, and prayers during this time are more likely to be accepted. The Quran and Hadith encourage Muslims to pray during Iftar, and there are specific prayers for this occasion. Additionally, breaking the fast with others is considered a blessed act. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, “Whoever provides Iftar to one who is fasting will have a reward like his, without any reduction in the reward of the fasting person.” (Tirmidhi).

Furthermore, it is recommended to break the fast at the right time and with patience. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) used to not delay breaking his fast and preferred to break it with simple food like dates and water. In fact, there is a Hadith Qudsi in which Allah declares, “Amongst My servants are those who break their fast early.” (Tirmidhi) It is essential to break the fast immediately after the Azan or when the time is right, and delaying it is discouraged. In another Hadith, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, “As long as people break their fast when it is time, they will be on welfare.” (Bukhari).

Observing the correct time and manner of Iftar is essential as it is an act of worship that brings blessings and rewards. Breaking the fast with others and with patience is highly encouraged, and delaying it is discouraged. Simple food like dates and water are sufficient for Iftar, and it is important to break the fast immediately after the Azan or at the appropriate time.

Iftar Time Today (Whole Year)

Iftar time today has been shared here. Find the table below where the iftar and seheri time in Dhaka will be provided for entire year. That is the table 1. Then, in the table 2, you will find the time adjustments for other areas outside the Dhaka city.

Table 1:

Table 2: Time adjustments for the areas outside Dhaka.

Below we’ve provided the Ramadan 2024 iftar and seheri time tables.

Romzan Iftar Time Seheri Time 2024

The table below displays the iftar time today Dhaka:

Sehri and Iftar Time 2024

The above chart is only applicable for Dhaka district. For different regions, adjustments must be made by adding or subtracting time. You can find out the specific time adjustments for each district from the chart below. Find out iftar time for your district.

Sehri Iftar Time Difference 2024

What should be consumed during Iftar?

For healthy living, adults need to consume 2000-2500 calories daily. However, this amount is not easily available during fasting. Consuming 1000-1500 calories during fasting is sufficient and not harmful to the body. It also aids in cleaning harmful cells through autophagy.

During fasting, it’s better to consume less food than usual. Eating one-third less than usual can be healthy during fasting, as long as the food is nutritious. Consuming healthy food in Iftar is crucial to avoid illness. It’s recommended to consume 600 calories during Iftar.

It’s not advisable to eat a full meal during Iftar. The Prophet (PBUH) did not eat excessively during Iftar and preferred to finish his meal with a regular amount of food. He also liked to break his fast with dates, which are nutritious and a good source of sugar and vitamins.

It’s better to avoid oily foods during Iftar, and instead, opt for fruits as a source of vitamins and minerals. Bananas are highly beneficial, containing 105 calories each. Chickpeas should be consumed in small quantities as they take longer to digest. Eggs are also a healthy option, containing 80 calories.

It’s crucial to stay hydrated during Iftar by drinking enough water and healthy juices. Canned water, isabgol husk, and lemon juice are beneficial. It’s recommended to avoid excess oily and salty foods, as they can cause gastric problems.

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Iftar Time Today. Iftar and Seheri Time Calendar.

Halal food should be consumed during Iftar, as it’s a condition for fasting to be accepted. It’s important to maintain moderation during Iftar, as the fasting month teaches us sacrifice and self-purification. Eating simple and natural foods is recommended, and it’s essential to follow the Prophet’s advice on eating until the stomach is one-third full for food, one-third for water, and one-third for breathing. Observing Iftar with proper moderation and at the right time is the responsibility of every Muslim to maintain the dignity of fasting.

The month of fasting is characterized by moderation, and this principle should be applied to Iftar meals as well. This month serves as a reminder of sacrifice and self-purification, and these values should be kept in mind when breaking the fast. Iftar meals should be kept simple and natural, in accordance with the teachings of the Prophet (peace be upon him). He advised that one should only eat enough to keep their back straight, and if they must eat more, they should divide their stomach into thirds for food, water, and breathing. It is the responsibility of every Muslim to uphold the dignity of fasting by practicing moderation and breaking the fast at the appropriate time.

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