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The arrival of the month of Ramadan each year serves as a test of our self-control and devotion to Allah. Muslims aim to please Allah by fasting from sunrise to sunset, with Sehri and Iftar being two crucial components of the fast. Improper observance of Sehri and Iftar can nullify the fast, making it crucial to understand their importance.

One of the most critical aspects of fasting is completing Sehri and Iftar at the correct time, which varies depending on the region. It is the responsibility of those fasting to know the precise time each day. Additionally, knowledge of appropriate eating habits during Sehri and other related acts of worship is necessary, along with taking care of one’s health during the month of fasting.

In this post we will share the sehri time in Dhaka. You will also know the last time of sehri today. Dhaka being the hub and capital of our country, every year National Islamic Foundation publishes the sehri time for Dhaka. Other districts need to add or subtract minutes from Dhaka to know the exact time of sehri and Iftar in their region. Sehri time in Dhaka changes throughout the month of Ramadan. So everyone needs to know the precise time. From this post you will know today sehri time Dhaka and sehri time today.

The Importance of Sehri and Why Sehri Should be Done at the Right Time

Fasting during Ramadan entails several crucial aspects that complement the practice of fasting. Sehri, which means the last supper, is the first and foremost important part of fasting. Muslims consume Sehri in the morning before sunrise to facilitate fasting. Sehri is a Sunnah act, and the Prophet (PBUH) attached great importance to it. Proper Sehri consumption makes fasting easier and maintains the body’s fitness. Observing Sehri properly helps to keep the body healthy and strong during Ramadan.

The Prophet (PBUH) said, “Eat Sehri, for in Sehri there is blessing.” (Bukhari, Hadith: 1801). This implies that there are many benefits in consuming Sehri that may not be apparent to us. Fasting is a universal practice in many religions, but consuming Sehri is one of the unique practices of Muslims. The Prophet (SAW) stated that the difference between our fast and the fast of the People of the Book is Sehri consumption (Muslim, Alfiyat al-Hadith, page: 131). Thus, Sehri is one of the characteristics of a believer.

Eating Iftar and Sehri on time is essential for Muslims. More caution is necessary during Sehri because the exact time for it is not apparent. Therefore, Sehri must be completed well before sunrise to have enough time to prepare for fasting. Some people may be confused about the start time for Sehri. Some scholars suggest that Sehri time begins at midnight, which is the most common interpretation.

In contrast, breaking the fast immediately after sunset is the Sunnah of Iftar, but Sehri consumption is a Sunnah act to be performed late while ensuring completion within a safe time. It is inappropriate to end Sehri in a way that leaves doubts. Some people believe that Sehri can be consumed before Fajr Azan, but this is incorrect. Islam states that Sehri time lasts until dawn, i.e., Subh Sadiq. Consuming Sehri until Azan will exceed that time and break the fast.

Another crucial aspect of Sehri is consuming it on time. Therefore, the Prophet (PBUH) stated, “Eat Sehri, even if it is a drink of water. Indeed, there is a blessing in Sehri” (Muslim). This statement signifies that consuming Sehri on time, even in small amounts, is crucial for a Muslim. Refraining from consuming Sehri voluntarily is not a good practice.

Praying Fajr and not sleeping after Sehri is another Sunnah act. Following this practice will help to maintain good health and the Prophet’s Sunnah. Some people stay up all night and sleep after consuming Sehri, which is not good for health. Such a practice increases the risk of illness and causes fatigue throughout the day.

Sehri’s importance stems from the need to wake up at night to consume it. This expression of interest in fasting and obeying Allah’s instructions pleases Allah. This act is one of the most significant acts of worship during Ramadan. Allah loves this time of the night, and it is considered a holy time. During Tahajjud prayer, Allah may accept prayers offered at this time. Allah says in the Quran, “They (believers) seek forgiveness from Allah in the last part of the night” (Surah-51 Zariat, verse: 18).

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Sehri and Iftar Time 2024

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Sehri Iftar Time Difference 2024

Sehri possesses numerous virtues that showcase obedience to Allah by following the Sunnah of Allah’s Messenger. This practice is highly esteemed by Allah Ta’ala. In addition, Sehri food can provide the necessary strength for praying and fasting throughout the day, alleviating the strain of fasting and promoting good health and a happy mind. It is crucial to be aware of the precise timing of Sehri and to finish the meal before the appropriate time, as this allows for proper observance of the fast and adequate preparation.

Sehri Time Today In Dhaka

Sehri time today Dhaka will be shared here. Below you will find a table where the sehri time in Dhaka will be mentioned for each day. Check it out: 

The table provided is only relevant to the Dhaka district. It is necessary to adjust the timings for other regions by adding or subtracting time accordingly. The table below will help determine the appropriate adjustments required for any specific district. You will know today sehri time in any parts of the country.

What foods are recommended for Sehri?

To maintain a healthy body during fasting, it is important to follow the rules and properly perform Iftar and Sehri. Choosing the right food for Sehri is crucial, as it provides energy for the day ahead. While we often prioritize Iftar, Sehri is equally important and requires special attention to prevent exhaustion during fasting.

When selecting Sehri food, it is essential to ensure that it is Halal, with Halal earnings, to fulfill the purpose of fasting. Additionally, fiber-rich foods should be included in the Sehri meal, as they take longer for the body to absorb and can provide energy for a longer period of time. Examples of fibrous foods include bananas, mangoes, carrots, apples, almonds, and pulses.

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Sehri and Iftar Time Calendar

Protein-rich foods such as eggs can also provide long-lasting energy. Carbohydrate-rich foods such as rice, potatoes, and milky foods can also help to maintain a healthy body during fasting. Drinking enough water during Sehri is essential to prevent dehydration throughout the day. It is recommended to consume at least seven to eight glasses of water during Sehri, in small increments.

Caffeinated foods and beverages, including tea and coffee, should be avoided during Sehri as they can increase thirst. Overeating should also be avoided, as it can cause digestive problems and discomfort. The main objective of fasting is to practice moderation, so it is essential to avoid turning Sehri into a food festival. Observing the correct timing and rules of Sehri and Iftar is the responsibility of all Muslims, and careful consideration should be taken in these aspects.

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